Pasay’s Calixto Calls On Pasayenos, General Public:

Regional Peace and Order Council Chairman and Pasay City Mayor Antonino “Tony” Calixto today called on all PasayeƱos and the general public to take all necessary measures to prevent the incidence of fire.

Mayor Calixto said that “I am strongly calling on all Pasayenos, the general public down to Barangay officials, community leaders and family members to take all necessary measures and exercise extreme care to prevent the incidences of fire, not just in Pasay, but for the entire Metro Manila.”

“It is indeed a sad time for Pasay as lives and properties are lost because of carelessness and neglect of people because of fire accidents” Calixto added.

The City experienced three fire incidents in a span of three weeks.

The first incident occurred in Barangay 184 in Maricaban on February 2. The Pasay Social Work Department evacuated and provided immediate relief to the 192 displaced families at the Maricaban Gym.

The second fire incident happened on February 16 in Barangay 201 (Kalayaan Area) where almost 400 families have been left homeless. Four casualties were reported.

A third fire incident occurred yesterday, February 19, in the residential area of Barangay 130. According to PSWD reports, 448 families have been affected by the accident who have been immediately evacuated and given relief at the Pasay North High School.

The Pasay Local Chief Executive said that past fire incidents in the City have caused a lot of PasayeƱos to lose their homes and properties that they have worked hard for.

“We don’t want to see them in evacuation centers, with their lives shattered because all the things they own have turned to ashes. The recent incidents left hundreds of families homeless, this is the scenario that I want to secure our constituents from,” he stated.

Mayor Calixto also said “I am urging my fellow Local Chief Executives of Metro Manila, all government authorities and the private sector to help intensify the campaign towards fire prevention.”

“This is part of our commitment towards the security of our constituents, not just against crimes but also from man-made disasters like fire” Calixto ended.


 Press Release: Pasay City - Public Information Office

Friday ,February 20, 2015